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Need Reading Glasses

Need Reading Glasses?

Especially if your need custom reading glasses buy eyeglass frames online.

A great solution to a common problem mostly for those just  hitting the forty-something age range are "Readers " or "Reading Glasses".

At some time around this age some may find that their arms  are too short, or that somehow the writing on everything one reads has somehow  gotten smaller?

At this point one can very easily go to the local drug store  or on the internet and pick a pair of ready made reading glasses. Many colors,  styles and shapes are offered for a very reasonable, well actually, cheap  price.

What could possibly be wrong with this? Cost effective and  convenience... You can pick a pair for every room!  Right?

Well consider these factors:

  • Without  a visit to an eye doctor (Ophthalmologist or an Optometrist) you would not and  could not know if there are other symptoms or if the cause for your need of eye  sight correction is actually presbyopia. Blurry vision  could be a sign of serious eye problems or eye diseases. Not to mention many other  major diseases, such as diabetes can be spotted during an eye exam.

  • If  you have astigmatism, your prescription readers can correct the astigmatism.  Almost everyone has a small degree of astigmatism; your doctor will determine  what is right for you. Prescription lenses can correct this giving you  clearer and sharper vision. The drug store readers cannot provide this and may  again be cause for headaches, vision that is "off" or tiredness.
  • Prescription lenses are ground by the lab to order,  whereas, off the counter readers may have bubbles, waves or out unwanted  defects. So you will get good quality lenses in your readers.
  • The  power of correction needed in the two eyes may be different. Over the counter  readers typically come with the same power in both eyes.
  • Alternately, if your eyes would be fine with the over the  counter glasses your doctor would let you know. But discussing this with the doctor can save you untold situations with the health of your eyes. The few  extra dollars you spend to get the right glasses could be a blessing in the  long run.
Readers are not adequate for computer reading, in that  blurry vision may continue; (Reading glasses are for reading or focus at a distance of 18" or closer) You may  find that you compensate for the lack of vision by moving your head just  right...this may then result in neck cramps and problems with the musculature.

Our prescription readers are offered custom made with the  quality and detail you have come to enjoy with our glasses. Further, the prices  may not be drug store cheap but are quite affordable. With a little planning  you can have the glasses that you need. You can also pick any of our glasses  and have them made into bifocal or even progressive reading glasses.

This has been very good for some, if you have trouble seeing  your food, or the digits on your phone. There is always the option of having clear non-prescription  on the top part of your lenses and the magnifying portion on the lower part of  your lens (for more read "A Bit About Bifocal  Lenses")

We just want you to see well!

Our customer's service is but a phone call/email away, we are standing by to assist you in every way. We will match any price for the same quality glasses.

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