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Missing Prescription

Missing Your Prescription?

We have trendy glasses and very affordable eyewear but in order to buy eyewear online you will need a prescription. Unless you are getting readers.
If you do not have a prescription please go to your eye care doctor and ask for a copy of your prescription; After a paid eye exam with an eye care professional you have the right to request your prescription for your eyeglasses.

Please know that there is a law in place that requires all eye care professionals to relinquish your prescription to you at no extra cost then the cost of the eye exam.

Please refer to The Federal Trade Commission "The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC" or "Commission") has completed its regulatory review of the Ophthalmic Practice Rules ("Rules"), which require, among other things, that eye care practitioners provide patients with a copy of their eyeglass prescription upon completion of an eye examination."
Our customer's service is but a phone call/email away, we are standing by to assist you in every way. We will match any price for the same quality glasses.

To reach us please call:
Tel: (213) 769 8009
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