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How to Read Your Prescription

How To Read And Enter Your Prescription
Reading your eyeglasses prescription can be a little confusing as different opticians/ophthalmologists use different formats.

Just calmly look for the O.S and O.D once you have find these (or have been told) you will be able to tell if your prescription is either for single vision lenses (with one type of distance vision correction, computer glasses, and reading glasses are single vision) or bifocal/progressive lenses. (to distances, reading at the bottom and distance in the mid and top range; three distances, reading, mid and far distances, respectively)
The OS and OD tells you what is needed for the left and the right eye (respectively). if you simply see a number under the first portion the "Sphere" then that's it. It indicates that all other options are 0.00 (which may or may not clearly been written into the spaces for cylindrical and axis) sometimes it is written as "plano" which also indicates 0.00.
See below for further clarification with diagrams. If you are unsure or unclear please call us and we will help.