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Eye Doctors (Optometrist) - Health Screening Kiosks

See an Eye Doctor
     Before you purchase your affordable eyeglasses online you must have a  current eyeglass prescription on hand.
It is advisable to get a complete eye health exam every two years. While this can only be done at an Optometrist's  of an Opthamalogists office.
I thought I would give you some fun and easy places to do a quick check on your eyes or other health stats.

"The kiosks can even test vision and connect into a live video conference with a physician who, teamed with a medical assistant on-site, can use
a stethoscope, otoscope, dermascope, and other diagnostic equipment."as quoted by Forbes.com.

Follow-up is then done by email or other media.

Click on either of the links below and enter your location for a kiosk near you:

Pursuant Health Home Page

If you are lucky enough to find one near you give it a go!!